The Ring of Power – Stone

I am the daughter of the Goddess. I have been called Isis, Maria or Astarte, Ishtar, Innana or Tara. My force carries a different name in every culture. I am the daughter of the Goddess. Today many call me MarIsis. Connected with the power of the sun, I dedicate my power to the rebirth of an encompassing culture of partnership and love. I am the re-awakened understanding that everything is connected with everything and that nothing separate can exist. The spirit in matter re-awakens in me, as I am the servant of the Goddess. I guard the dawn and the ring of peace forces which take part in this historic dawning of a new culture. I ensure that the great international family of the heart, which lives, works and thinks for peace, meets again. From my source a Ring of Power builds. I also light the dark womb of the night, the birth channel of subterranean chambers, connected with the light of the moon and fertility. I accompany these processes with the light of universal love. I cooperate with the Goddess of Transformation and my twin sister, the night. The fire of the holy spirit connects in me with wisdom, from which compassion arises. One also calls me Sofia or Maat. I know fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, and malice, and I have recognized them to be illusions of separation. Through its belief in separation humankind has lost its origin. Don’t close yourself to the original pain. I want to change it. I take the path of healing and purification through self-insight and in this way I can accompany the radiance of the soul at its passages. This gives me the power to give help to other beings on their way, too. I know only one way of healing, the way of connection with the divine source. My light is the inner sun. Complete geistig understanding shines at the horizon of consciousness. I have let go of all my personal desires and placed all of my wants in the service of perfection. The greatest longing of my soul is the longing for perfection, for in this way I best serve the world and myself. Wherever I am, I see myself as a part of the whole and this leads to an enlightened, joyful understanding of the interconnectedness of the world. The central self sees and understands things in the sense of wholeness. I trust more in the concert of forces than in personal wishes and needs. I guard the medial power of the community, the inner voice that everybody feels in his/her inner. I am the link between the intellectual/spiritual world and matter, between the senses and sensuality. I am the female aspect of new messianic force. The new messiah shows itself in groups, in men and women, and I feel like a midwife of this messianic power of the new time. In the centre I guard the group-soul, which radiates light and healing, the fire where those who are cold can warm themselves. At the hour of greatest darkness the new light is born. If you become quiet enough you can rediscover it in every heart. My light shines into every darkness. I guard the spirit of resurrection, which takes the inner sun out of the realm of darkness to bring it to a new morning. My helper power is the scarab. It works itself forward and shines into the darkest zones of the soul to heal what is solidified. Together with the scarab I go into the deepest layers of the earth and soul and I have dedicated my power to all issues that need transformation. I transform my shadow through fully remembering the origin that I am.   The birth of a trustful womanhood brings a new love to light. As I am a woman my insights are very profoundly female and permeated by the light of sensual love. I will contribute to men realizing and experiencing in women how deeply eternal life belongs in the cells of the body and wants to be loved and recognized. I respect and celebrate the body and the omnipresence of the divine in each cell. I am the messenger of the Goddess who wants to give birth to this light into daily life – knowing that life is very different from how it is seen and experienced in the realm of darkness. I sow the seed of trust within myself and others. My power is the power of vision. I am a co-creator of destiny through my weaving a new picture of love. This is the icon of the new time to which I want to give birth together with you. I weave and work on the picture of love amongst women and a new love towards men. We are all sons and daughters of God and the Goddess. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Ring of Power, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power stone: