The stone circle – first part

With this Ring of Power we introduce a next phase in which we present the stone circle of Tamera to you. Please find more information about it here.   The archetype of the stone circle, part one: I represent the power of a peace community. I represent the peace-knowledge which can lead to a healed future. The peace-knowledge necessary for this Earth emerges from true community wisdom. In me you will recognize that community is as essential as breathing. Nothing in this world can exist in separation from the whole. May the spirit of community be protected. I show how community is a natural living environment for all that lives. ‘I am’. My being is community and divine unity. The same self, the same source resides in all beings. It overcomes all forms of separation. I am the community of visible and invisible powers. I am the community of all living beings – the community of plants, animals, people, elements, stars and angels. Everything weaves itself together in me into a field of infinite harmony. I am the community of the universe. I call upon the human being: Find out who you really are. Discover your original divine nature. Find back to your true profession and vocation. Invest your energy into the service of manifesting true, natural communities. Rediscover how true coherence arises. In this stone circle you will encounter 96 archetypes which remind us of the fundamental reality of universal community. These are archetypal energies that appear in some way in all forms of community. They represent the complexity and diversity necessary to sustain a peace culture. They are all connected to their high light figure, to their origin. In that sense one can say that I represent the power of a collective messiah. This is the power of a community in which everybody knows and works towards living his or her inner Christ nature. …   (Excerpt of the meditation text about the archetype of the stone circle, received and recorded by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the stone circle text: