The part influences the whole

How can local projects have a global impact?   The answer is really simple: The part reflects and influences the whole. The divine is looking through your eyes and is asking you to recognize who you really are. From this point you will discover that life itself is always looking for community. Life unfolds through community. The first places that attend to the call of this divine power will bring the shift that is needed. (…) Those that dedicate their lives and their knowledge of community to the divine will convey the healing information which this planet needs. When the first projects can manifest this it will have a big healing impact on the whole. It will bring a system change. Don’t look too much to the dark side of the others. Recognize the divine in everybody and support it. If you follow this information from the divine, life will     become much easier. You will leave fear and you will discover that real community is always built on trust; it has trust at its core. (…) (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels)   Listen to the full meditation here: