Diary on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from  31.03.2024

Diary on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 31.03.2024

And another week has passed. The card “the mother” has accompanied us – and she is still with me today, at Easter. The all-encompassing mother of eternal love.
What is it that wants to resurrect in such a violent time? Is it not the love of the great mother that holds everything, that embraces everything that comes and goes?

The world egg of the great Ostara – there is a legend that Ostara held this world egg between her breasts in unconditional love and laid the darkness in the egg in the mountains. When the egg cracked, the sun sprang from the yolk and the earth was born with all its waters, plants and animals and all life emerged from it.

Paving the way into this all-encompassing love feels like a dimensional change. ‘A birth, by no means free of pain and sorrow.
Spring is sprouting mightily here and we are still blessed with mighty rains.

Thomas Lüdert, one of our longstanding community members who was instrumental in building our water retention landscape, passed away on Sunday last week. He was laid out once again in our auditorium, there he lay with a view of the beautiful lake, while the community sang for him.
And again it was this feeling of the sheltering mother who embraces all this coming and going that gave comfort to my soul. Birth and death are so close together! Thomas opened the door of love very wide for all of us in the last few weeks. All those who were close to him were able to experience this – in the face of death, conflicts give way to a much greater vision and the power of love and forgiveness is released. And the power of eternal life. Thank you for that.

At the same time, we had many guests here this week, Veit and Andrea Lindau visited us and we had many creative conversations – interestingly, the topic of the mother was also often discussed here.
In a few minutes I will be holding the matinee with Susanne Fischer Rizzi – thoughts on the prehistoric utopia – on the vision of Mother Gaia Earth, who carries us with all her plant souls and on the deeper meaning of resurrection.
If something wants to resurrect, then for me it is true love, a love that embraces everything, a love that does not know hatred or the exclusion of those who think differently.

A love that is actually capable of ending violence and that continues to call out: find your way back home, into the all-encompassing arms of love and life. Recognize the laws of material reality – the matter of matter with all its secrets. See my beauty, which also wants to embrace you! Come home! Walk with me through all the stages of transformation that are necessary to recognize me completely!