The Movement for a free Earth

Courage for a new awakening I am the original “Movement for a Free Earth” – grace. I strengthen the courage for a new planetary start. I make it possible for ever more people to participate in the creation of new visions of the future and the development of new professions through which they place what they do in the service of the world. The Movement for a Free Earth, I call it grace, shall strengthen the courage for a new awakening worldwide. Grace shall make it possible for more and more people to participate in the development of new visions for the future and in the invention of new professions which serve the Earth. In the name of grace, the Movement for a Free Earth shall raise its voice to overcome violence all over the globe and participate in the development of peace villages. These model villages will become oases of rest where peace workers who serve in areas of conflict can renew themselves. The movement will help to disseminate peace news around the globe quickly through words, art and music. It will participate in peace marches, aid initiatives and support the development of peace paths in areas of conflict. The movement shall develop perspectives for young people to become peace workers. Through peace concerts, plays, multi-media shows and short lectures the movement will encourage people to leave behind fear and powerlessness. This is the central task of the movement. Participants in the movement will recapture their belief, their vision and their way to heal the Earth and this will enable them to to defend themselves against a system of power that is extinguishing countless species of plants, animals and human beings. The Movement of a Free Earth cooperates and networks with peace initiatives that already exist around the world; with conscientious objectors, liberation movements, animal protection societies and with communities in many countries. Other network partners include dedicated medical doctors and compassionate representatives of different religions. Differences between religions and world-views shall no longer bring about separation; the Holy Grail of every culture is elementary and equally true. Gradually the peace movement will adopt the idea of peace models and of community-building; it will recognize the necessity of a global community movement and support it however it can. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Movement for a free Earth, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Movement for a free Earth stone: