I am gratitude. I am a declaration of love for life. I am a key to a fulfilled existence. If you consciously connect to the things you can be grateful for each day, a deep feeling of calm and joy will expand inside you. A prayer which carries gratitude contains the highest power of manifestation. I am grateful. This is my thought. This is my prayer. This is my reality, from which I recreate and suffuse with light everything which enters my life. I emerged from ungratefulness.  I took so many things for granted, deeming them unnoteworthy.  Born into a ungrateful and loveless world, I felt the need to rebel.  I was unable to recognize the behavior patterns within me that darkened and drove away even the most beautiful things in my life.  I simply took, without feeling what touched me, and consequently the world faced me with hostility. I defended myself against this world within me.  I turned down so many things.  I was constantly judging others unconsciously.  I struggled a lot with myself. I looked into the world as if everything existed and functioned according to my beliefs as if there was only one truth, mine. I believed I could change others without seriously considering changing myself. I repeatedly failed, wondering why I couldn’t reach the world I longed for so deeply. Instead, I faced evermore annoying circumstances. I needed to hear it again and again before I could begin to recognize: If you want to change the world you must start by changing yourself. I used this insight as a slogan for a long time before I was ready to deeply understand and apply it as healing medicine in every moment. I recognized a core and a fundamental error inside myself which had crept into all areas of my perception. It was a long process until I could finally acknowledge that it was me who was continually darkening my world, constantly repeating negative comments and expectations. In this world I was at the mercy of the loveless environment in which I lived. Now, I saw that I recreated this negativity over and over again because I had became accustomed to the state of ungratefulness. When you are unable to see all that you have you constantly ask yourself what you are missing, this is the best laid path for misery. I drove away the beauty of presence through negative expectations, comments and worries. But behind this, a different world once shone in high awareness. It was all necessary, to introduce my birth. I was born in the same way as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. In the end, awareness was my midwife, and I saw the light of a new world. I was born as gratitude, who I am today. I first had to lose everything before I painfully became aware what a treasure I had always had. I experienced my birth as gratitude in a moment in which I had almost nothing. The flame of life touched me and revealed to me the miracle of existence in its abundance. Since then I have experienced everything in a new light. Now I know that health, food on the table, friendship and a warm bed with a roof over my head are not to be taken for granted. Often it is easier to perceive the miracle of life in scantiness and misery than in a situation of abundance. An experience with a lover, a friend at my side, the beauty of nature, are all infinite presents which I no longer sully and drive away with legalistic demands. I also gratefully accept conflicts, as I have learned to be grateful for what I receive. Let me enter your heart. My power illuminates even the darkest corners of your life and creates new realities. New solutions open when I touch what seemed to be hopeless with the loving light of life. I make every day into a present. Existence shines in a new light through me, and your surroundings can unfold in their huge presence. This sets an enormous power of transformation free in you. With me you will enjoy every single action, every bit of food you receive, every glance that touches the beauty of this world. Filled with me, Gratitude, you can see the world in its shining beauty. Through me you receive the power to stand up for the beauty of this world so that it can become visible for as many people as possible. Galieliga – I am grateful. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Gratitude, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Gratitude stone: