How shall I receive you, how can I encounter you, oh all world’s desire, oh my soul’s fire. I am the power of conception. I am the entrance gate. Manifestation powers find their way through me from the invisible world into realization. Through me you learn to understand and work with the miracle of creation. Step into this process consciously. Compare processes of manifestation with the one of pregnancy. Two lovers embrace each other in such a way that from the invisible world, a third can enter the space of renewal. A being is conceived. She’s pregnant for nine month until this being is fully complete and is ready to face the light of the world. You can learn to understand and use this process as a principle for all great ideas that come to you from the cosmic space. Become such a gate. Guard the idea. Feel into the idea that wants to enter the world through you. When you are touched by a great idea, wait for the right moment to decide for it. Wait for the moment in which you can say, “Yes, here I am. I will let this idea ripen in my heart.” Once this decision is taken, listen deeply into which idea, which being, wants to be born through you. Guard it. Give this seed time to grow in the dark, until it is ready to meet the light of the world. Get ready to conceive of a new cultural idea. Guard it. Listen to the being that wants to be born. Understand what is needed in order for a powerful and joyful birth to happen. Just as Christ was born in the stable of Bethlehem, now a cultural idea wants to be born in the communities that are ready to midwife the birth of a new era. Open yourself. Let light shine in and be ready for this pregnancy. Strongly believe that something new will be born, something you don’t fully know yet. But you are ready for pregnancy. This is the power I guard. And this is the power that makes me call out for you to connect with me. And you will be able to recognize and practice the miracle of creation and renewal. Ya Azim (meditation text about the archetype of conception, received and written down by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the text: