The higher level of order

„Find the powerful vision for this week.“   You are invited to see the frequency for this coming week. (…) When you are able to connect to this frequency things will become much easier. It can carry your soul. Go to the place in which you can find the lightness of your soul. Find the point in which you can fully say yes. Look to yourself as a stranger, welcoming this person on the globe, doing his/her work. Send light to potential difficulties so that you will feel and see the frequency of unity even in those situations. You can feel the higher level of order. Find the point of celebration. (…) Finding the point of full acceptance will always carry you. Welcome all the people you will receive this week. See them and recognize them as your brothers and sisters, coming from very different directions. (…) At the point where full acceptance enters your heart, the full power of sacred life can act through you. Finding the point where you really feel the others as your brothers and sisters will give you the energy and the joy to change, even those moments where it seems to be difficult to understand each other. Find the higher level of order which can solve problems. Don’t forget that you are surrounded by many beings. Inform nature, inform the animals and elements, so that a celebration of cooperation can take place.(…)   (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: