The indigenous source

I am the guardian of Indigenous peace knowledge. I am the original power of community development. The entire cosmos is displayed in me in all its creative power. Just as every tree has a seed from which it emerges, humanity has a source, an origin, an information center from which the whole entelechial form of humanity will evolve on planet Earth. All knowledge is remembering. Here lies the central decision for rise or downfall, war or peace. In this sense, you are called as humankind to find your way back to this primordial core, to the original knowledge from which the entire future of healing will reveal itself. Human evolution was disrupted when the cosmic umbilical cord was destroyed. This cosmic cord was the reason that tribes formed, and it has preserved their connection throughout their development. Originally, each tribe was connected with the Earth and its origin. Each tribe knew about its cosmic function and task and developed through that power from an embryonic form to a mature community. Right now, you are being asked to rediscover the connection to the cosmos and the connection with the nature of the Earth, so that a living memory can awaken within you again. Indigenous peace knowledge exists in every country. It is available in the Library of Life anywhere. At its core, it is the same elemental force everywhere, even if it unfolds in each place in a slightly different way. As humanity, you are asked to reawaken this original peace knowledge. To do this, you must recognize where you become perpetrators and where victims. You must be ready for forgiveness and the acceptance of a great task. Every human being has an Indigenous root. And every human carries an original trauma, a hidden primordial memory, where this Indigenous power was violated. When you go inside, you feel a memory of being expelled from your original realm of peace. Even today, we witness how Indigenous tribes are being fought. Most have been destroyed – only a few guard the connection to Earth at hidden places civilization has not yet reached. Others guard their knowledge despite great threats. You feel that, not only do you have personal topics to solve, but you stand for a whole ancestral line that calls for healing through your life path and through your reconnection with the whole. There is a universal healing power that is always at work, it wants to reveal itself through you and show you where your true origin lies. Remember this source. Liberate it in your heart. From this point, you can see the healing of humanity and the path it needs to take for its healing. You see the communion of all that lives. You see how decentralized communities will evolve that take responsibility for and the guardianship of planet Earth again. To be able to do so, the first communities need the courage to recognize their human trauma so that they can resolve it. When, in this sense, futurological knowledge unites with Indigenous peace knowledge, you liberate a central source that has significance for the entire planet Earth. From this connection, you know that the Earth is a living being, held by the wisdom of the universe. The reconnection closes a circle of energy, allowing the healing information to spread on this planet. Guard this original power within you like a seed. Allow the thought that you can discover an information center inside you from which you can unfold your leadership, your entelechial power, your inner heart space. From here, you can see where your task is, your contribution to healing planet Earth. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the indigenous source, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the indigenous stone: