The cork oak

When you close your eyes, you will notice that my being is transmitted through sound. I am a primordial force which has developed over centuries in the interplay between tree and humankind. My being stands for surrendering. I love to surrender and I am ready to give, to give all. Once I was guardian and keeper of the shepherding culture which has started to fade. Many people found comfort, calmness, healing in my shade. I loved to give myself and I gifted my bark as material for mankind. What was special about this was that the gift was made through the contact between man and tree. Now, when you look to the countries where I still live, you will see that I am dying-off. Know that I am ready to go. The many guardian cork oaks who once gifted their being are now, together with a whole culture that is transforming, bowing out. I don’t complain. I don’t accuse. I am ready to go and to live on in another dimension. Yet there are still people who notice, recognise and support my process of transformation. Those who listen deeply enough can support my development. Let the old trees, that say goodbye, go. Perceive how even the last bark is given to animals, insects, living space, wildlife. Let it happen. Honour and respect me. Perceive the young cork oaks, in which a totally new power awakens. Perceive that my death prepares a new birth. I have gathered new power. I am gifting this power to the young beings that are arising. They will only be able to survive in interaction with people. The person who is in contact with me will realise when he can take a gift from me and when he has to protect me; to not interfere with me. Together with humankind I stand at the hour of the birth of new cultural values. Together with me you can experience how new cultures are born – and how from every death a new birth wants to emerge. This will only be possible in the interplay of powers. I will continue to gift my shade to people who are able to cooperate with me. It lies in the hands of humanity as to whether or not my species will survive the transformation physically and if we will be able to give ourselves to humankind. We thank all the forces of cooperation which come from the young generation and from the people who are ready to shine into the earth body. Thank you and Ya Azim.   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the cork oak, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the cork oak stone: