Listen to the voice of the open heart

What is my contribution to global transformation?   I see the inner light of the heart like a sacred altar. And I am asked to take care of the inner light of the heart, to take care that this heart can and will always stay open. The transformation of Planet Earth will happen through open hearts. And this is a challenging point at the moment because you see so much cruelty on this Planet. In many places the war power is increasing. So this is the first demand to you: Do not react. Because this creates anger or weakness. You have to create places where the heart can stay open. At the moment this is the most important task. From here protection can come. In this energy you will discover the sacredness of life itself. (…) Listen to the voice which comes from the open heart. And from there act. Help that the place where you live becomes a place of care taking for this energy. Where the sacredness of the fire is seen. Where the fire in the heart, the transformation power can anchor. It is good to often meditate at the fire and listen to the voice of the universe and listen to the voice of the Earth. From this power, where you do not react but where you are connected to sacred activism, all necessary information will come to you. Holy life is connectedness. Holy life is cooperation with all beings around you. Holy life is awareness. And everywhere where there are places on this Planet where this energy is taken care of, the transformation power can anchor and will have a big impact on the transformation of this Planet. (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels)   Listen to the full meditation here: