The rat spirit

I am the rat spirit. I represent all the most suppressed and persecuted populations and forces in this community. I have learned to live underground and to be at home in the most hidden recesses of the earth. I have been persecuted and destroyed everywhere. This has strengthened in me an incredible will to survive. It has made me able to transform poisons. I remind you that it is impossible to destroy any power. I will keep occupied anyone who tries to destroy me until they accept and understand the power of change. I can penetrate every wall. I can penetrate every prison. I am a messenger between the worlds. If you cooperate with me I can bring your messages to the deepest and darkest places … I can penetrate even the most solid structure. If you make friends with me we can venture to the deepest and darkest chambers of your soul and concentrate on the light in the darkness. I will bring your attention to those points where you are caught in complicity, the points that do not yet serve the whole. You have shielded a point within you into the dark night of oblivion. You have built walls around your most sacred centre to avoid being hurt again. We call it a tubercle of fear. I gnaw on these walls until they open again. I accompany you to the place where your fear resides. Where there was pain, let the basis of trust grow. I accompany you to the places where you resist. I will lead you to your anger,  I can accompany you in the process of transforming your anger into a strong ability to manifest. Let me gnaw at your tubercle of fear until it is transformed. I will lead you to the point where you release your resistance and rediscover your divine source. Use me as a messenger if you want to send messages into areas where human powers can no longer reach because they are blocked by strongly guarded walls of resistance. Ask for permission first, then act. If you want to understand and touch the soul of suppressed peoples, call me and use me as a messenger. Through me you will come to understand that where life is suppressed, where humans no longer see and love life in its deepest nature, life appears to be evil. The only power capable of healing is love. Rediscover and reclaim the love of life that has been suppressed in you. Send love ahead and touch only then.  Enter your inner chambers of anger, disgust, fear and suppression with me. Acknowledge your shadow and receive the capacities of change and transformation. Decide to cooperate with me. Life can only heal through acknowledgement. Through acknowledging me you are led towards the balancing of powers. Through acknowledging me you will realise that it was your fear that caused you to fight against your enemy and which allowed him to become such a threat. It was the fear of the vitality of life itself that made it possible for humans to extinguish whole nations. Peace can only be realised if we see, forgive and reconcile this fear.  When you acknowledge me every threatening population will reduce to a healthy size by itself. You will begin to cooperate with them, and I will be able to work in the areas where you still feel weak and clumsy. We embrace new powers of solidarity and cooperation. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Rat spirit, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Rat stone: