The Snake

I am the power of the snake. The universe moves itself through me. My shape and the way I move are a channel for the universal power. My body is a vessel for the stream of self-healing energies. I am a symbol of healing as power can cleanse and heal itself through me, just by my shape and movement. This movement lives in each of you and wants to be activated. I hold the perspective and vision that comes from the innermost depths of the earth. The darkness, humidity and coolness of the soil is my home. Transcendence to higher dimensions and union with the air entities, with the eagle, are part of my highest possibilities for development. When you arrive at my threshold you have to leave behind your functional thinking. You have to trust me blindly to be able to give yourself fully to guidance. I see with closed eyes. I sense the way things are, I understand with my cells. I can give you orientation, if you surrender to me courageously. I preserve the original movement of sexual energy. It is present in me in its intact form. I connect sexuality with insight. Those who connect with me reach deeper insights into life and into the way this universe is built and functions, through the channel of sexual love. I have come to continuously remind you and lead you back to this purest, most original form of movement. It is a state of the highest power and deepest relaxation at the same time. I was made into a symbol of fear, danger and the devil often in your history, only because you did not know how to handle me; how to handle this free stream of energy that wants to transcend through your bodies and in your bodies in a society that is built of restrictions and disguise. My nature is not evil. It is only if I am blocked and suppressed that my power breaks through violently. I want to relax your hips, activate your hearts, and open your eyes to expansive perception. Perception, direct response, responsibility and participation are one single process in me. It happens immediately. There is no calculating step in between. I do not calculate. I do not reflect. I only know what is right, what serves life, what serves the free flow of energy, and what stops and hinders it. And I move to the places where freedom opens up to me. I am also the custodian of the threshold. I regularly peel off my old skin and enter life again anew, naked and delicate. This process of becoming and fading is part of my nature and I show you that you can let go of your fear of death and impermanence. Life is a cycle. The old is cast off and the new is welcomed. All is in permanent change, in permanent flow. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Snake, received and composed by Saskia Breithardt) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Snake stone: