The vision

I guard the power of vision. I guard the power and the space of seeing. Be aware that every manifestation was born of a vision. I know the dream of this Earth. I guard the ray of light from which pure seeing comes. I rely on Earth-guardians who open up to the power of vision. Out of me surges the source of the original, healed image. Recognize that behind every injury the original and healed image can be found; a sacred image. Recognize with me the sacred vision of power of this Earth with all its beings; the dream that it has already dreamed for so long. Recognize the sacred source of life itself and connect with it. This source will empower you to defend the sacred. Wherever you are defend the sacred Step with me into this primal power of manifestation and perceive the whole in every detail. With my power of seeing you can penetrate the walls that were built out of fear and resistance and you can see the healed image behind every injury. Open to this source. Step into the realm of high vision with me. Make yourself empty, receptive, so that I can see through you. Join me at the point of power from which you can see the Earth as a whole and where you learn to see and guard its dream. All truly revolutionary power arises from me because revolution, in its essence, always means returning to the healed source; returning to the power of evolution. Realise that this power of healing is always accessible. When you are touched by a vision, let it into you completely. Guard it, like a pregnancy wants to be guarded. When it has ripened enough inside of you, so that you can believe in its manifestation, then help others to see the vision that you have received. Every manifestation has its origin in the spiritual world. If a task calls you, always take the time to recognise the vision behind it. Ask whether it is in harmony with the whole, with the dream of this Earth. From this, all the strength that you need to realise it will come to you. In me you discover a power which will help to heal this planet. I guard the power of vision: defend the sacred. Ya azim.   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the vision, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the vision stone: