The Guardian of Lust

I am the guardian of lust. In Egypt I was revered as Hathor. There was no contradication in being, at the same time, a mother and the guardian of sexual lust. Those who know and affirm my sacred source do not know fear of loss, jealousy or revenge. In Christian mythology I was declared one of the Seven Deadly Sins. What had to happen so that I was surpressed, ignored and declared evil for centuries? I am the keeper of the most beautiful, most true and most elementary secret of matter for all life comes from me. Why wonder that war and destruction rule the Earth, so long as the deepest and most beautiful secret – sexuality which brings forth the children of humanity – is condemned as devilish? Today I am the guardian and midwife for the birth of a sensual culture on Earth. I keep the altar of sexual mystery knowledge. Sexuality is sacred and stands at the center of any sensual culture. Listen into it and perceive my truth. Don’t allow for me to be forbidden and repressed. I seduce you into the realm of the senses, of enchanting embraces; my scent, my beauty, my art of seduction. Few have succeeded in uniting the realm of cognizance with me. But I wish you to stay with cognition in the face of my truth. In my company you dive into a different dimension, the dimension of the body, to the place where everything melts into a big, cosmic embrace; rebirth and change. Within me there is lust, seduction, intoxication, longing and desire. What if prohibition no longer ruled out these qualities but instead you could see the sacred glow in all of it and reach all the way to insight? I too reveal the sacred. It is the original secret of all lovers: and they knew each other. Beyond all embraces you finally encounter me, the original secret of matter, the place where the visible and invisible worlds touch. The Word turned flesh; a knowing body. A new world wants to reveal itself through me: the reawakening of spirit in matter. Through me it becomes an experience: there is only one being. I am ceremony and celebration. No morality, no judgement and no condemnation can destroy me. I reveal myself in the realm of the senses. Within me you perceive the tones of a new world. They do not yet have a social order but everybody who knows me senses the dimensions of a true culture of love. Once fought as a dragon or witch, still I reveal a new order of life. It is the culture of a sensual world, in which the live-giving principle can unfold. Those who know me no longer fear the truth of Eros. You know that in my world there is no claim of ownership but there is faithfulness. Your vow to love is rooted in participation in the principles of cosmic love. This love will guide you. My world lets sensual compassion for the destiny of this Earth emerge, which will lead you irresistably to new shores. With me you live in the age of a new beginning. The time of surpressed lust, of torture and inquisition are over. I will no longer be condemned to the torture chambers of a perverse cultural story. A time of the resurrection of the flesh has begun. The time is ripe and reveals new fruits. I thank all women and men who have the courage to no longer deny me and who will, with me, introduce a new era of sensual love. Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of lust, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the lust stone: