This is my body

The question today is: How does a newly arising female power of peace look like?   Maria. Isis. Marisis. Astarte. Inanna. Sofia. Do you still know and are you aware of the female powers of the universe? When you approach these powers in your consciousness, there is usually immediately fear coming up. It seems to be something forbidden. For centuries this power was called evil. In the core there is a deep wisdom of Eros and God, the manifestation point of birthing the earth body. (…) This power is not evil. It only becomes evil through the suppression of human society. I hear the Goddess saying, pointing at the Earth: This is my body. Embraced by the stars and the sky. The divine power wants to be felt, recognized, touched, received. Feel the miracle of your body. Feel the dance of your cells. Feel where the divine power makes it possible to perceive your body as a body. (…) Dare to open your eyes and to stay in this power. When you allow this power to be, you will love Planet Earth. You will open your eyes and your compassion for all life. (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels)       Listen to the full meditation here: