You bring blessing – so you will be blessed

“Keep Me manageable, clear and true. You can compare Me to water, I want to move, dance, bubble, but also create clear pools of realisation where I can rest and reflect the divine beauty. Whoever wants to hold me for my own sake causes great destruction. My greatest power of realisation lies where I am connected to the flow of love. Direct me into the current of the power of peace! ”

Cosmogram Maneva, Essence of Money, designed by Sabine Lichtenfels.

We invite you to support us financially in our work.

In our research in cooperation with all beings, we have found that money has a deva. Just as we try to cooperate with the forces of water and guide it in a new direction, we do the same with money. We are approaching the principles of gift economy and working with the theme of Grace Humanisation of money. We are aware that some people have more money, others less. That is why we do not have fixed prices. We ask you to give what you can willingly and with an open heart. We channel all your gifts further into building our projects.

If we learn again in the area of money or also in the area of our labour to give ourselves away and to let ourselves be given away, then one day we will also learn again in the area where it seems to be most difficult for us, namely in the area of love. Giving away love, giving out of the fullness of the heart: that is true wealth, and surely that is also part of the inner purpose of every human being?

With your donation you help to maintain and expand our offer for research, education and outreach. From anywhere in the world you can get involved with Sabine Lichtenfels’ heart projects such as the Ring of Power, Terra Deva or Grace by passing on information, by joining the Ring of Power or by contributing your professional skills.

We are happy about every donation!