We are part of the whole

„The Earth is shaken by heavy nature catastrophes. Can you hear the voice of the Earth? What does she demand from us people?“   Earth quakes in Mexico, hurricane in Florida, Syria … Facing all catastrophes right now there is also a deep resignation in the heart of the human being. The heart cannot open for compassion anymore because there is too much fear. Too many people look for security in the old system. But this doesn’t work anymore. The Earth has to change. We are living in a time of transformation. And only if we fully allow this transformation the healing process can go on. The Earth is calling us people to fully participate in evolution and to again learn to deeply listen to the voice of the Earth, of the stars, of the whole universe. We human beings are the cause of the whole disaster. We also can be a crucial part of the solution. Human beings have to rediscover their divine nature. We have to learn to see that we are part of the whole. Every catastrophe also carries a seed of healing inside. And to see that seed, to listen to it, this is the call. When listening to the Earth we are surprised by encountering a deep reality of the sacred matrix, behind the reality of catastrophe, to which we can always relate ourselves. Here we see so many possible solutions! But we as human beings prefer to stay in stagnation. We don’t really do the step which is called from us. But the Earth also tells us that there is no other way. Transformation is happening and we can’t find healing in the old system. So we all are called to understand the specific role of the human being in this big transformation. If we want to develop new science we have to understand the inner process of human beings. If we learn to move from fear to trust, if we learn to move from defending ourselves to compassion, then the way will be shown to us. And we will discover that also nature catastrophes can be healed on a very deep level, understanding how deeply we are part and cause of it. Cooperation with water, cooperation with fire, even cooperation with potential earth quakes – it is possible. Daring to listen to the movement of the Earth – this is the call. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Find the complete audio recording of the morning meditation here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Earth.mp3