Editorial for the new section “Cooperation with all beings”

Editorial for the new section “Cooperation with all beings”

Editorial for the new section “Cooperation with all beings”

The first supervised run of the new online course “Contact: Humans * Animals * Nature – Cooperation with all beings” is behind us. It was a fulfilling time that showed us what can happen when people open up to spaces of contact with all beings, to the possibility of cooperation instead of dominance, indeed first of all to the idea that there is something new to discover that touches us deeply and brings us into deeper and more heartfelt connection with life.

The touching and detailed feedback on the course confirms this and shows how important this topic is for us humans, as it can show us steps back into the lost connection.

This has prompted us to open a “Communication with all beings” section on this website, which is being created by the MarIsis team from Tamera in collaboration with connected forces from around the world.

With this we combine the intention:

  • to strengthen and build a network
  • to collect information
  • to give impulses and to announce events for exchange.
  • We want to keep opening the door to a world in which it is possible to be in cooperation
    where there are no enemies, but potential friends
  • in which we can learn to communicate with each other
  • where we can reach and touch each other mentally and spiritually.
  • Here everyone is invited – all animals from the largest to the smallest creatures, all plants, the spiritual forces, all beings and elements – to be in contact with each other so that we humans in particular can once again take our place in the community of all living things.

And that is what we intend to do:

We would like to regularly post articles, experience reports, experiences and interviews or announce events.
These can be articles and research reports from Tamera as well as links to researchers who are also active in this field.
If you would like to share relevant information with us, you can reach us at MarIsis.lvdb@tamera.org.

With great anticipation of a lively collaboration and best regards,

Lee und Anne

The editorial team for this section



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