A power of transformation wants to rise worldwide

What needs to be done for global healing?   Over and again the question arises: What really needs to be done for global healing? In my meditation I think of our friends and companions, who have set up a peace camp near Hebron in solidarity with Standing Rock. And already in their second night Israeli military came and destroyed the camp. You see those images and how people try to resist in a non- violent way. You are reminded to the big camp in South Dakota ‘Standing Rock – Defend the Sacred’. You know that there has to be a path that is stronger than all violence. You now ask the question into the universal circuit of love: What needs to be done for global healing? I can see and feel how deep the system change will be and has to be in order to enable us to fully connect with the healing energies of the universe, to fully connect with that power which is stronger than violence. It is a power, a power of transformation that wants to rise worldwide. What needs to be done for personal healing, what needs to be done for global healing and for local healing is the same everywhere. It is about the deep recognition and understanding of how much we ourselves have given in to a system of violence; how we accept it and – due to fear and indifference – bring it to life daily. Our unconscious belief in authorities has always made us subjects and in a hypnosis of fear we’re being led to act submissive and unconscious. The inner expectation is that something bad will happen when we truly open our hearts. These are deeply confirmed behavior patterns, deeply confirmed habits that lead us to repeatedly call in the reality of pain. Those who want to defend the sacred first of all need to know it. In order to know it, the heart wants to be opened and our perception needs to reach into the parallel world – the world which has created us and which wants to act through us. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)