Inner guidance of life

The question today is: Which kind of activity is meant for me or my community to reconnect with the divine power? In your western world it is not so much about activity. It is much more about awareness. It is much more about an awakening to who we really are. It is about a very deep inner stillness. And by discovering this stillness you will discover the real activity of life itself. The life power is the divine power. And it is about reconnecting and finding back trust to this inner guidance of life. Discover how often you are busy without this deep connection, thinking you would have to do things, you would have to follow your plans. But rediscover the real plan of life itself. There is an inner aim inside of you. And this is already here. All your life powers are guiding you to connect with what you really are. This is meant on a personal level as well as for your community. Watch life. See how all life is unfolding an inner plan. You can reconnect with it. In this awareness you will always know what to do and what not. You are asked to find this inner guidance where you know your inner plan. (…)   Here you can listen to the complete audio recording of the meditation: