The time for change is always now

It’s time to be. It’s time to see. It’s time to face reality. The only moment for real change, the only moment to allow transformation is, always, now. And so you are invited to open all your senses to the reality of what is surrounding you. Many things are happening in this time of transformation so anchor your heart in the stillness that lies behind it all. Strengthen your readiness to face the unknown and look to all that you’ve already reached … Recognise the patterns which always guide you back to the old kind of suffering and recognise the new inner patterns which will lead you towards healing, towards joy. Take care of your body system. Your body is the holy temple for the readiness, for the divine powers of transformation. So even if there’s a lot happening, take the time for real rest so that your body system can build up the patterns that are needed for awareness. Help that your inner readiness, that your surrounding and your community can and will become a vessel for the change that is needed now. In this time the patterns of a new society can and will appear for all those who see. The building of this vessel is necessary for the protection of this transformation. It’s a development towards a new Earth, towards a new way of perceiving life. Honour life and fill your heart and notice what power comes from this with the gratitude for all that you’ve already reached … The time for change is always now so open your heart for this awareness and learn to surrender to the divine powers which are always there. This kind of stillness you can find in the deepest noise and this new identification with the divine power, with the divine me, will help you to leave all the old patterns of suffering behind you and will help you to prepare the birth-giving of a new time. May this week be a blessed week. Ya Azim   Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: