Extinction Rebellion

Dear participants of the Ring of Power, This is the day of the international rebellion, called for by Extinction Rebellion. Leaders of Extinction Rebellion invited us as Tamera and Defend the Sacred Alliance to support this global action day spiritually, in prayer, through the Ring of Power. We would invite the whole group to meditate with the following prayer: We call upon the strength, guidance and wisdom of the Earth to support this action and to awaken our love and compassion for life. We unify as a worldwide community in service to all that lives. May all those joining be protected, may this day help raise humanity’s collective consciousness. The question for this week shall be: What inner attitude is necessary to be successful and peaceful in global activism, so that a real peaceful shift can be the result? May this week be a blessed and powerful week for global transformation, The team of the Ring of Power Messages of Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and also the Peace Community San Jose de Apartado from Colombia sends Pictures in Solidarity: