The power of fire

“In my meditation I am guided to Canada and I feel direct contact to the power of fire. I feel that the fire becomes calmer.
May the rain come and help to calm the fire.
I see the universal powers ready for cooperation and that it is a learning for us human beings to understand how this cooperation works.
The huge fire in Canada is a symbol on many levels for what is happening in the world. Humanity nourished a fire and doesn’t have control over it anymore. This is the reason for all the wars which are happening.
It is difficult to connect with Aleppo and the question of the cease-fire. I see there is a closed heart acting. It is not easy to find the balance of the powers. I feel the request of the universal powers: to strengthen the picture of the open heart of humanity and that we find our way back to the universal contact to the powers of fire and water.”

(Excerpt of the Ring of Power Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)

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