The power of peace is always there

What is the key for spreading healing peace information?   Connect with the power of peace. It’s a powerful source and from there you will be guided and you will recognise the laws of new systems in which peace can be realised. This power has to find its anchor in the first people that are consciously aware of it. The biggest success will be that peace can unfold on this planet. From there you will recognise a new system and of course you will listen deeply to the voice of the Earth. You will listen deeply to the voice of real community which has truth and trust at its base. This power of peace is always there. If you are able to connect with inner stillness … you can listen to the laws of nature in the deepest sense. You will listen to the voice of the family of life. From within this power of peace you know no enemies. This power of peace doesn’t know hatred but has deep compassion for all those who have lost their connectedness to it. From this power you can act. You will listen to when you have to act, to when you have to be silent and you won’t fight against any system. But you will recognise how much our systems, the system of capitalism, fights against this power and you will raise your voice wherever you are. New local actions will be a natural consequence. You will protect the sources of life. You will listen to the voice of the water, to where your water comes from and how it wants to be treated. You will listen to the sacredness of fire and you will help to create environments in which fire cannot be destructive. And mainly you will listen to the laws of real universal love and to how love can unfold in human society. Natural tribal knowledge will come back. So the kind of peace movement that will unfold, to help the planet to become what it is meant to be, will be both local and planetary. You will discover that the laws of peace are the same everywhere even if they unfold in different ways. At the core there is no hatred. At the core there is compassion for life. At the core there is the protection of nature and there is truth and trust. We greet all the peace workers who live in crisis areas. May they be connected with this deep inner power so that their revolutionary work is really rooted in non-violence. From this power new systems will unfold on this planet and western society will recognise how its treatment of human beings has resulted in war. If you are a peace worker connect deeply with the wisdom of peace. From there nourish your bodily system so you can anchor this wisdom in a way that allows you to feel its presence and to feel the success. From there learn to raise your voice. With this power field-building will take place on this planet. … New kinds of movements will arise at many places on this planet. They will not fight against but they will defend the sacredness of life. May we learn to listen to the voice of life. May we learn to listen to the voice of the future. It is necessary now. May this week be a blessed week. Ya Azim. (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: