Meditation for Peace in San José

Preliminary remark: Sabine Lichtenfels is currently on a political journey through Colombia. This week we want to publish the Ring of Power in full length because of its special occasion. I dedicate this meditation to the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó that celebrates its 20th anniversary today. In this context, I open up for a vision of how true peace could arise in Colombia. For thousands of years, people have been fighting for peace, and we know that all attempts at creating peace by our own power have failed. They have almost always ended in dogmatism, conflict, war and fighting. At the same time, peace is a reality. I imagine how we as humanity perceive the energetic vibration of the Earth again, the frequency of life itself. I imagine how a sacred frequency vibrates more and more powerfully in Colombia, coming from a holy site, like from Chiribiquete for example. A frequency emerges that surrounds the globe. This energy surges directly from the Earth and weaves a subtle energetic network throughout the entire country. More and more people are touched by this energy; they hear the calling in their hearts and recognize their true task again. They hear the calling of the Earth and accept it. All egoistic efforts melt away and suddenly everyone sees the essence for why he is here on Earth. Strong determination couples with modesty. We all put ourselves into service for the Earth. This energetic frequency permeates many organizations, parties, governments and religions. A higher-level network arises that connects all of us, leaving all ideologies behind. We recognize that we are all children of this Earth. All equally recognize that there is a prehistoric peace frequency in this country and remember that we are all meant to be community beings, to be part of a greater, holistic organism. President Santos is also touched by this infinitely gentle and powerful frequency of love. He feels that the peace policy he initiated can only be successful if he allows it to enter his heart truly, deeply and fully. He feels that he has to speak the truth. He feels that the old lies will no longer work and he has to uncover the past. He knows that he has to dissolve the paramilitary. He feels that there is a great power of forgiveness, but that this power can only be effective once the people recognize what they have actually done. His heart begins to beat with compassion – for the communities in this country that have persecuted for many years; for the indigenous people that have been persecuted, tortured and oppressed. He feels his compassionate heart and the absolute will to end with this past and to open up for a new future. He explicitly protects indigenous and peace communities in the country. He feels that creating autonomous peace regions hold the key for creating global peace. Suddenly he can see that the region of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó could become a model for a region of peace, in which the members of San José become teachers for building similar communities all over the country. Education centers for true nonviolence arise. Through this processes, the former guerrilla fighters regain their trust and can rid themselves of the worries to get once again betrayed after having laid down their weapons. A powerful movement of solidarity between Indigenous people, farmers and former guerrilla fighters comes into being. Protected by the government, they form village communities in the country, defending and healing the Earth. They want and will show how to form autonomous communities that are no longer dependent on the centralized trade systems, as they can supply themselves with water, food and energy from their own region. They rediscover the abundance of the Earth. They recognize that there is enough to eat and drink for everyone if we treat the Earth in the right way. They know that we need to use energy resources in accordance with nature. Send love ahead and only touch then. Similar to what happened in South Africa, a great process of reconciliation begins. They know that peace communities can only arise if people can speak the truth and if all involved are ready to forgive. There can be no healing without this process. Only when we recognize what we have done can we truly forgive. Big healing rituals take place in the country, guided by Mamos and Sagas, the priestesses and priests of indigenous cultures. The ones that have been persecuted and exterminated, introduce a healing process in Colombia now. A key aspect of healing already takes place as they are able to perform these rituals without being persecuted or punished for it. More and more people recognize who the originally indigenous people truly are. They understand that there isn’t a real difference in the essence of different religions and that we all need and will return to be children and care-takers of this planet. A miracle of heart-opening and regaining trust occurs all over the country. This leads to the powerful decision to give everything for healing this Earth. Similar processes take place in many countries. We see a great awakening on this planet, helping to give birth to a new Earth, Terra Nova. May this process be blessed. Ya Azim. Listen to the audio recording here: