Walk the path of belief

The global flow of money needs to be directed into regenerative peace initiatives. How do I become an attractor for the manifestation of my projects?     To my question of how we shall obtain the money needed for the realisation of our project, I received some downright sobering answers: “Speak about your life in the most intimate and true manner. Describe your plans and talk about your way of thinking about money. Remain truthful. Do not let the question, of whether you will be given money or not, become an inner fixation. The money will come to you at the right time. Go deep, as deeply as you can, into trust and inside of you, you will discover and understand the higher wisdom, go deeper like you have never been able to go before and you will see the correlations which hitherto have been hidden from you. It is all about unravelling the last knots of fear. Due to the prevailing situation many of you will undergo radical inner changes as never before. This will entail many consequences with regard to the shaping of Monte Cerro* and, in part, have it look very different from what you now expect. Those who are earnestly looking for the Sacred Matrix will find her and will free themselves of attachments that distract them.  This alone you have to believe. It is enough to believe in it, as long as you maintain your consequent search, the rest will happen all by itself.  This will invest you with new power. Above all with a new joy and inner certainty. Walk this path of belief and do not worry too much about the turbulence it causes. Walk the path solidly and clearly, since it will take a while before life will catch up with belief itself. The light is in you, it wants to expand to become larger and wider and shine brightly through to the outside”. Excerpt of the book “Grace – pilgrimage for a future without war” by Sabine Lichtenfels You can purchase the book here: http://verlag-meiga.org/shop/grace-pilgrimage-for-a-future-without-war/   *peace education in Tamera, 2006 – 2009