Global Love School

Already in 1988 Sabine Lichtenfels and Dieter Duhm founded the so called “Erotic Academy” on Lancerote.

Sabine Lichtenfels continues to accompany the internal love school in Tamera….

In 2010 Sabine Lichtenfels decided to found the Global Love School – it is being co-lead by Benjamin von Mendelssohn.

The Global Love School is a place for deep exchange and learning in the area of love, sexuality, partnership and ethics for teacher, peaceworkers and activists who want to meet at Tamera once a year. Participation is on invitation only.

The Global Love School is based on the following core thoughts: Knowledge on community is peaceknowledge. There will be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

Manifesto for the Founding of the Global Love School

There will be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

Love and Sexuality are a political issue. We will no longer close our eyes to this fact.

Love is more than a feeling. It requires social vessels,in which love can be lived and made real.It requires a system of ethics in which we can become genuine.

Independent of the question of what our personal lives look like right now,and independent of whether we live alone or in community; celibate, married, monogamous, or polygamous: we are working together towards perspectives for our children, and for the generations that will come after us.

We need answers in love, so that children can once again grow up in trust, and can find a home. We need answers that awaken desire and curiosity in us, instead of awakening the fear that we will yet again be hurt in these very sensitive areas of love.

Free Eros and partnership are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary: They complement one another. Truth in love is the basis for every lasting love relationship. The question of whether we want to live monogamously or polygamously,heterosexual or homosexual, is decided on the basis of our inner truth.

It is not a contradiction to long for a partner, and at the same time to long for erotic adventures. It only becomes betrayal when we have to conceal it from our partners! There is a fidelity in which the devotion of our love partners to third person does not trigger fear of loss in us, but instead brings joy and growth in Eros and trust.

When we have this experience, we will wake up one day and say:

War is not our adventure anymore. Love is. Eros has become our sacred wellspring of life and of love.

Our sexuality is again anchored in the universal order of life.

It is sacred to us, as sacred as life itself.From the new connection of Eros and religion, a new erotic culture will arise, in which war will become unthinkable.

We see the possibility of ending the war in love,and thus introducing entirely new ways of living together and new social structures.

Love is the most significant power for the germination of a new culture of peace,based not on sacrifice but rather affirming life’s abundance.

Here is a buried, but clearly visible escape from the dead-end street of our time. It leads to a culture of partnership between the genders. No mother will send her son to war anymore, no father will surrender his life to defend his country. There will be no more war industries or Ministries of Defense. Military bases will be turned into Peace Universities, where the protection of this planet can be learned and practiced.

Love and sexuality must be learned by every adult human being who wants to become a responsible member of this culture. Lovers and gardeners of a new earth – Terra Nova – are emerging, where Eros and lasting love are given another chance.

For our children’s future.