Global System Change

Monday morning mediation and visualisation, March 27th, Bogota, Colombia, We dedicate this meditation to the peace community in Colombia again. The question: How does the peace community receive the power needed for its global impact to unfold? The peace community gains new impetus from the extensive international recognition received during its 20th anniversary. They have their sight set on their goal again and a certain weariness which had set in has receded. They are excited by the vision of President Santos’ heart being touched and his really engaging in the promotion of the new peace power in Colombia. Leaders in power, and young people too, suddenly realise that people in many places on Earth are in the same situation as them and that it is time for global system change – for stepping out of violence and into the power of community and the construction of new models of peaceful living. They have decided to connect with other communities. It was very helpful for them to meet with people from Brazil who live in slums; to listen to their stories and to how the young people in places such as these are fully engaged in bringing about a new movement in their countries. Knowing about Standing Rock and the movement to defend the sacred in the US gave a new impetus to take global action and to endure in difficult situations. (…) The women in particular shine with a new power. Indigenous women found very strong words to explain how the war has, at its core, been a war between the genders. The power of globalisation became possible through the suppression of the power of the feminine. They did to women what they did to the Earth. Through reconnecting with the feminine source we receive the power we need to protect the Earth and our communities.(…) (Excerpts of the meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the full audio version: