What is Grace?

by Sabine Lichtenfels, Co-Founder of the Grace Foundation

Grace is compassion, dignity, beauty and elegance. Grace is patience that sees a new dawn at the horizon of history; Grace is the umbilical cord that connects us to this vision and guides us. Grace is also the strength to ride the bumps of life with humor and lightness.

Those who walk in the name of Grace do not come to accuse. They do not come to impart a new ideology on a land and its people; they come in the service of openness, of perception and of support. Grace listens deeply for what is most needed.

Grace is like a consciously chosen naivety that helps us to find our way through the welter of world views so that we recognize and protect the elementary and simple truth behind all things. When we stand in fierce grace we become a channel for the outcry of suppressed life.

We use the name Grace for our work because it reminds us to do everything that we do in the name of reconciliation, of the repairing of our relationship with the source of life and with the family of humanity.

In Grace we acknowledge that our resources are best used for the flourishing of all. To give ourselves fully is to meet in Grace. Grace is gratitude for the opportunity to serve life.