Healing of Love

“The love between man and woman is one of the most beautiful things that one can experience on our earth. Nobody who is in this state of love can imagine that it will ever be over. All the same, almost all love relations fail. Human society has a collective heartache. For most people, the area in which they could have the most beautiful experiences is an area of deep disappointment, deep suffering, deep anger and often ultimate resignation.
The issue of love is a global issue. There cannot be peace in the world as long as there is war in love. What is meant here is the daily “little war” between the sexes – with its bad consequences for the children. These are children who will later go into war as soldiers and devastate the earth. These children were born to parents who for the most part were unable to show a convincing model of love. From generation to generation, the earth finds itself in a situation of unfulfilled love, leading to ever worsening pain and devastation. The inner context between unfulfilled love on the one hand and disease or merciless brutality on the other can today be seen in every orphanage and in every biography of violent youngsters.


The new era needs a new image of love and new role models for man and woman. This issue is the core issue of the planetary transformation process with which we are faced. It can only be solved together with all other subjects. The solution does not begin by taking a stand for monogamy, polygamy or celibacy, but by taking a stand for an inner truth that is supported by the truth of others. Healing comes from a field of truth. The inner truth that comes from the source can manifest itself both as temporary celibacy and as the physical pleasure of polygamy, depending on the state of development that the individual is going through. All variants will probably be experienced on the path toward truth, until we reach a common understanding and enlightenment here – in the most difficult and most secret of areas. From then on, a burden will be lifted from the heart of humanity.”


Excerpt of the text “PROJECT DECLARATION 1 – Ecological and Social Structures for the Healing of Life on Planet Earth” by Dieter Duhm