Receiving Healing

I am the power of receiving healing. I orient towards healing, always, and I search for the gateways through which the healing powers can flow through me and I focus all of my powers to receiving healing. I am ready. I am ready to let the healing flow enter me so it can help to heal and guide my body. I am ready to dissolve any mental blockages which have had me avoid insights in the past which have prevented the healing powers from flowing freely. Yes, I know, healing is possible! I learn to open myself for healing. I know that the entire universe is directed towards healing. Behind every sickness there is a great drive for health. Sickness is a communication from my body, guiding me to redirect or change my path. Behind every sickness there is a process or information that isn‘t understood yet, and I open myself for the insights to reveal themselves. I open myself for healed images to come through to support the healing process. I am ready to leave behind old habits that no longer support my health. I no longer react with resistance when loving, and yet sometimes challenging, outer circumstances lead me towards important unconscious inner processes. I understand that patterns of negative expectation result from traumatic layers in me; I dissolve them and direct my highest intention towards the power of healing. I look for environments and living spaces in which healing can flow through me. I thank for the possibility of receiving. I thank for the possibility of healing. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of healing, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the healing stone: