Welcome to all registered members of the Ring of Power!

The time has come. Our research time of 6 months is starting now! We are joyfull that you are with us and that we dive into this spiritual research together. As a first step, we invite you to find your cooperation partner from the invisible world. We uploaded a first teaching by Sabine Lichtenfels: “How do I find my cooperation partner from the invisible world?”   Kind regards, The Ring-of-Power-team     General procedure: Every weekend we send out a question which we invite you to take into the meditation. On Monday morning at sunrise, we are holding our meditation. We connect with the world and the other members of the Ring of Power. We connect with our cosmic partner and try to receive an answer to the Ring-of-Power-question. It is helpful to write the answers down and to keep a diary about it. Every Monday we will upload the audio recordings of Sabine’s meditation (on the right side). We have created a comments section (after every weekly Ring of Power post) in which you will be able to share with us and with the other participants what you received in your sunrise meditation.