Guardian of the threshold

I am the Guardian of the Threshold. I open the gate into the invisible world. I am the gate, through which the visible world comes into conscious contact with the invisible world. It takes time, to reach all the way to me. Only those who consciously come to me will recognize me. Those who come to me without recognizing me will often become moody, sad, and fearful. It is this way as long as you recoil from the essential nature of death. When you no longer recoil from the nature of death, you will look though my opening into other worlds. I show you the flow of power which comes from eternity. In me, you will be lead to reality. I also open access to the dead souls who are close to you, for all the frequencies of the eternal world are accessible in me. Through me you can learn the signs and languages with which the essential powers from the invisible world want to show themselves. It is important that you learn to both consciously open and also to close the gate, for different laws rule in me than in the physical world. I can teach and instruct you in the miracle of the manifestations which have their anchor in the invisible world. Through me your heart can come to quietness, for it finds its anchor in eternity. And in this way you always find access to my power. Through me you get to know the world in which there is no separation. Whoever reaches my worlds will recognize that separation is an illusion. I wish for guardians who will regularly come to me, so that I can reveal my secrets. Particularly in times of transformation, my messages are fundamental and important. Through me you find the true permanence in which lies readiness for continuous change. You no longer have to cling to false forms of security, for you have found a new security in me. My joyful secret will be revealed to you: The only security that really exists is constant change. The possibilities that you find in me are unlimited. It is up to you to set conscious and desired boundaries. Through this interaction we can create a world together in which no one must any longer be a victim of existing circumstances. When you have rediscovered this power, I will open for you the gate to joy in every moment. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the guardian of the threshold, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the guardian of the threshold stone: