In ME you are human being

Who or what is God? Know that the words that follow here can only attempt to describe the divine nature because God cannot be named. God is the original power that gives life to all becoming. It says in the bible, “Jahweh, I am who I will be.” I am the soul of the world. I am the original power, the original feminine and masculine power. I am the original ‘I’. I am not a subject behind things. I weave through all that is. When you become still enough and listen into what or who I am you will perceive that yes, in this lifetime you appear as a person. But what is the power that is able to recognize that? What power can see this, can feel this? You will perceive that behind everything there is an ‘I’, an elementary power. An ‘I’ that cannot be named – an ‘I’ which truly has no name. An eternal soul, in which all that is comes together; in which all that is constantly transforms itself and is at the same time eternal. You will find this divine ‘I’ in all that is. Nothing can be without ME. I am the original power of love. I AM love. Feel how deeply your perception changes when you allow your heart into this original space of love. Within that everything changes, transforms itself. I am pure consciousness. Realize that this consciousness is something other than the usual chattiness of your thoughts. I am pure consciousness which lives from presence. When one enters this space of consciousness there cannot be war. In ME there is no war. War comes from separation. I am pure presence. I am pure being. In ME you are human being. In ME you are animal. In ME you can connect to everything.(…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)