Inner Child

I am the inner child within you, your inner light-figure, your source of power and joy. I am the power in you which is ready to become itself anew at any time. I am the power of curiosity and permanent self-renewal. I am the power of asking and wanting to know. My power of innocence makes you invulnerable. I bring the power of original trust. I learn through eternal play. Playing and understanding are one for me. My source is amazement. In the play of creation I am carried by the great power of divine original trust. God can act through me because I let him act through me. God can love through me because I let him love through me. Make me your point of reference. Always do only what the inner child likes and what nourishes it so that it grows and one day fills you. When stress arises, notice it in time; let go of the pictures and thoughts. Train your body so that the child feels good within it. Guard the inner child in you. Take it by the hand at every level of your life. The inner child is the gate to higher wisdom inside you. It asks you in every moment to keep your awareness so that the frequency which the child in you needs for its nourishment stays within you. It is a frequency of truth, awareness, joy, power and security. I call inside you every day anew. Hear my voice! Start the adventure of this day with my joy and inner readiness. See the stars with my eyes and ask them who they are. Read with my eyes in the books of life. With my inner innocence reach out the hand of trust and charity. Take me into your inventions, into your councils, into your universities. Cry tears of childlike innocence when something hurts you, and be ready to forgive with the innocence of a child. Walk with me to old-age, and you will awaken the inner Christ within you. Through my eyes shines the gate of resurrection and eternal youth. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Inner Child, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Inner Child stone: