Invitation to Peace January 2024

Invitation to Peace January 2024

Dear friends of peace all over the world
After the cruel attack carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7, the revenge of the Israeli government knew no bounds. They bomb hospitals, kindergartens and refugee camps because, as they say, their enemies could be hiding there. We see a man lying in the street holding his little daughter in his arms. They have both survived. A friendly hand has placed a blanket over them. The man had a wife and two other children. They are now lying dead in the refugee camp that the Israelis bombed yesterday. Thirty children died in the process. But they had nothing to do with the war.
We can no longer cry or scream. It’s too much for the human heart. Anyone who has the courage to raise their voice against this mass murder is likely to be labeled an anti-Semite in Germany, at least by some.
We ask for help for Gaza and Palestine. In Gaza, 1.8 million people have lost their homes. They have no homes, no bread, no water, no gas, no toilets. They are fleeing, but they don’t know where to go, because there is nowhere safe from the bombs. Almost all the hospitals have collapsed as a result of the bombing – ten thousand seriously injured people are now facing death.

The biggest hope we have about what can help is for determined people in Israel and also in Germany, the USA and other countries, to see through the war and stop it. For that to happen, we believe that many things need to be in place, and a major one is aligning our inner world with the vision of peace and regeneration of life that we carry. This includes finding any place within us where we carry the distortion of hatred, violence, possession, or control, and transforming it so we can carry the seed of peace and love that lives within each of us underneath the distortions. For as long as the inner world remains in crisis, we will continue to recreate the crisis in the outer world.

As we continue to align within us, we can also bring this released love into our closest relationships and wherever else is within our sphere of influence. With enough strength and togetherness, we can then consciously walk away from the system that keeps creating both the external and the mental structures of war. We believe that ending war, murder, oppression, guilt and shame cannot happen anywhere if it isn’t also happening in our innermost being. We long for all humans to come to full awareness of this.
In connection with this realization, we can no longer remain silent out of fear. We speak out and say definitively:

Stop this mass murder, stop the military governments – stop the arms shipments. We are peace workers and we learn to stand up to violence by building a movement together that is stronger than all violence, a movement of power and love. Let us join with the indomitable force of that fundamental ethic which overcomes all violence.

It is the ethic of kindness, trust and help for those who now have no help. What is happening in Gaza is happening today in a similar form in every continent: in Ukraine, Yemen, Ethiopia, Rojava and to many indigenous peoples everywhere. This has plunged the world into an atmosphere of fear, hatred and global dehumanization, which is constantly being fueled by military means and through the media. It is no longer just about Gaza or Ukraine, it is about the whole of humanity, it is also about our love life and our relationship with the larger web of life and all fellow creatures. If we want to end war, we have to get out of the structures that create it every day – the structures of capitalism, nation states, colonialism and patriarchy – and create systems in which real peace is possible.

In order to find healing, real inner healing of the soul, we need completely new systems of life with a real possibility for love, peace and freedom. These are no longer the old nation states with their guidelines of economic growth, competitiveness and the arms industry, which cause so much misery and destruction worldwide. We need a new world, a network of autonomous regions with self-sufficient centers for water, food, energy and medicine. We have the ecological, technical and spiritual knowledge to build this new world. Here we don’t need an arms industry, slaughterhouses or the long supply chains that cause so much suffering to all of life, including fungi, plants, animals, people, and all other forms of life all over the world. Life provides us with everything we need for our lives if we no longer obey the laws of power and profit, but the ethical laws of a spiritual world home that unites us all. Our deep faith is that as soon as the first groups have accepted the ethics of this higher peace, a new field will emerge on earth. We will then recognize the real image of peace that has been written in our souls for so long.
We look forward to worldwide friendship and cooperation.
We have planned days of action from March 19/20 to March 23. You are invited to participate in your own way. You can find all further information when you click here!