We call in the power of unconditional love to guide us and to enable us to take an effective stand for Life.

We pray for an immediate end to the bloodshed. We visualize it as concretely as possible. We call in credible words, visions, proposals and actions that can bring about a nonviolent shift, a de-escalation as soon as possible, even now.

We send our compassion to all beings involved. May all those under existential threat, all those homeless, starving and taken hostage find safety, home and peace. May all those in fear and trauma be held. May also the perpetrators heal and find back to love.

We refuse to be enemies. There’s no true justice or security for some based on the oppression or extermination of anyone else.

We cannot end war with war. There’s security for all or for none. We say to all governments and institutions that are complicit in this war: Not in our name!

Let us research the structural and interpersonal conditions for a culture of genuine, lasting peace.

We stand for life and we commit to collective liberation for all.

Sabine Lichtenfels, Martin Winiecki, Uri Ayalon, Vera Kleinhammes, and Benjamin von Mendelsohn