I stand for the sacred peace power which has its origin in the land of Canaan. I carry the power of hope and anticipation. I guard a dream of peace which was distorted and suppressed in the past centuries. Many religions and systems of power wanted to gain control here, they called me the “praised land”. And exactly here war is waging since millennia. “War dwells every peace secretly” said Hermann Hesse. But I say: a dream of peace dwells every war and wants to be rediscovered and understood in its primal power and love. Biblical mythology which describes the story of Abraham and his wives Sarah and Hagar hints to the seed of a historical wound. It was a breeding ground of patriarchal religion, based on distorting and dominating the truth of life. The insanity of this mythology of war emerged from a patriarchal idea of love. This mythology up until today leads to the division of a people. This wound can only be healed through the return to the primal source, which lies beyond all religion. Since thousands of years this fight leads to the ever repeating patterns of perpetrator and victim, persecutor and persecuted. Former victims become perpetrators, depurators turn into victims. Despite the harshest conditions of life many people show up which recognize ever deeper what it means to step out of this pattern, step out of the system of dominance and violence which rules the entire country. War can not be ended by war. From my source comes the guidance and power which will help you to find the right decision. In the country itself lives an original dream – a sacred matrix. Rediscover this origin. From my source comes the knowledge for a true culture of partnership – a culture in which god and goddess find back together in their primordial love. A new relation of the genders will lead to a culture of partnership. A mighty power of women rises up in this land. They don’t allow any more for death and murder to continue in this way. Worldwide, people rise up and say no. They take a stand for the protection of life. Each use of violence must find an end. Defend the sacred. I send power, light and hope to all peace forces. Who is connected with my dream, with the matrix of life knows: life, not death will succeed. I guard the primordial dream which was dreamt here long before the establishment of the Jewish religion, Christianity and Islam. Many different tribal communities which followed their own original religions had their space here. I guard the image that small social clusters will emerge in many different places of this land, which are able to birth a new, peaceful culture. I guard the image that Israelis and Palestinians recognize each other in their brother- and sisterhood. I guard the image that no lover is being sent to the desert any more as a result of fight among women. I guard the seed of a new culture of peace. I guard the certainty of success of a big dream of peace. It can only succeed when people recognize the cause of all actions of war and reach all the way to the original power of peace. Once this power resurrects in the Holy Land it will have a mighty effect of peace on planet earth. If peace succeeds here, it will be able to succeed worldwide. Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Israel and Palestine, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Israel/Palestine stone: