Coherent Information Systems – KIS

I am called KIS. I stand for an information system which has a coherent vibration. In this way I tend to an ‘I’ power, a power of self, that vibrates in the collective. From my energy emerge the harmonic vibrations which can organize entire systems from a different source of power than is usual in the human world. I am vibration. I am energy. I am power. I am information. Do you know the energy which guides & holds an ant colony together? Do you know the frequency which steers flocks of birds which can, in the blink of an eye, pivot into a different direction? All this happens through my power. KIS brings forth new forms of organisation. From me a new power of cooperation between individuals emerges. No single individual can steer me. No one alone can bring about what I bring about. In the new forms of society there will always be people responsible for ensuring that KIS can be active. KIS is discovered and effected through the building of fields. KIS can have a healing effect as you learn from the Sacred Matrix and reconnect with its ways of organising. Those who have learned to fully connect with me always look at the detail from the perspective of the whole. Those who attend to KIS learn to recognize the collective body of a community and to connect to it in a healing manner. They ensure that every detail is embedded in the whole. Those who attend to KIS recognise where the blockages lie in a system and help to resolve them so that the system can vibrate coherently again. The guardians of KIS are also guardians of spirit. They know that new societal forms emerge from the power of KIS. The guardian of the KIS will be a new profession in the communities of the future. They will ensure that the world created by man can reconnect with the world from which all life emerges. It is the world from which all natural organizational forms come; the coherently vibrating systems are arranged in the natural hierarchy of life. All artificial forms of organization which seek to impose power or suppress the forces of life are dissolved through it. In that sense the guardians will help each individual to grow into his or her cosmic power and from there to find his or her profession and vocation. I am connected to the healing power of life. I ensure that those who take responsibility are watched over and managed in that power. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Coherent Information Systems, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the KIS stone: