Country stone: The world

Are you present to listen to MY voice, MY will, MY directions? I am calling you. Discover my sacredness intimately. Do you feel my waters, my winds, my fire? Do you hear my roaring and whistling, do you smell my many fragrances? I am life in matter. Matter is nothing objective, nothing separate from you. It is as full of subjective will and longing as you are. Connect more firmly with MY presence. My pulse is directly here in you. When you recognise me again an infinite power will guide you: a great vision. You find ME in the pig, the cuckoo, in the glance of your neighbour, your friend, the cricket or the praying mantis. MY world is calling to you in everything, and has a message for you. The call of a toad, the croak of a frog, two pigs wallowing in the mud, the challenging glance of a stranger: these are nothing base from which you need to distance yourself. I am the living library of life in which you can study. You can only experience thirst as water exists. You can only feel the longing for a healed Earth as I exist. My dream lives in you and wants to awaken again through you. If you can see the picture of the healed Earth it will create itself. There is only one existence. MY dream lives in nature and in the landscape surrounding you. You can connect with this dream and bring it to life as a gardener and ecologist. I am abundance, not scarcity. The experience of connection with me is always one of an increase in power. As long as you believe more in your own misery than in peace, you strengthen the global field of misery. Use the space you have to free yourself from believing in your misery. Do it for all who do not have this space and this power now and who urgently need your help. Healing is only possible when you accept love. Connect with the power of calm and perception from which true seeing arises. Perceive my beauty, the paradaisical perfection which my true nature provides. Perceive how your whole concept of life, love and the Earth changes in the moment when you have the courage to step into trust. Only in connection with the power of trust will you be able to hear my voice. You will notice that only trust carries the power of survival and leads you to the knowledge you need. Connected to me, you no longer have to protect yourself from an estranged world. You learn what it means to be protected through aware presence and connection. If you reconnect to my simple elementary voice you will naturally become a messenger of the Goddess, a peaceful warrior. You will connect with my compassion and no longer allow the voice of the Earth to be oppressed or silenced. You will know that what you do to me, you do to yourself. There can be no peace amongst humans without connection to me. Of course you will take sides. You will raise your voice for love and all creatures of the Earth. Through your shared unconditional love you can succeed in making the song of the Earth ring out like never before. Feel with me how streams, valleys, rivers, mountains and lakes can become the celebration that I am. May my hope and longing be your hope and longing too. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the world, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the country stone ‘the world’: