country stone: Colombia

I am the primordial female power of nature; my biodiversity is among the greatest. An endlessly rich form of the being of water shows itself in me. Powerful rainfall leads to wetlands, swamps, lakes, waterfalls. In the heights of the Páramo, the most beautiful lagoons stretch out towards the sky. Between my mountain ranges, the great rivers Cauca and Magdalena run to the Caribbean sea. The high mountains are home to volcanoes, some still active. In me you find the powers of fire and water connected, together in their original form. Many indigenous people call the spirit of the mountain “Abu,” whose soul watches over the entire country. Along the Caribbean coast, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta rise up: the highest coastal mountains in the world, and at the same time Colombia’s highest point. For thousands of years, indigenous peace-cultures have guarded my earth-altars, and kept in close communication with me. My great natural wealth is my flora. I am the host for countless varieties of plants, and offer a home to all kinds of birds and animals. In my heart, which travelers can hardly enter, I guard feminine knowledge of the mysteries. Here you meet the black panther; or great, centuries-old trees, as you have never seen. Here you can hear the forest sing, and recognize anew the numberless beings of the living earth. Hidden in the forest, my inhabitants still know of the unity of all beings, made from the divine substance that has no name. For them it is self-evident that all life has a soul, with which humans can communicate. In cooperation with nature, the indigenous knowledge-carriers have been guarding my mystery-knowledge across the centuries. My name comes from Christopher Columbus, who himself never set foot in this land—Colombia. Already in this name you see an expression of the entire conflict, which I have to bear and to heal. I have many wrong names. There are only a few who still guard the enlightened peace-knowledge and carry it forward. They will not succeed alone. With the arrival of Columbus in South America in 1492, a new era of global domination and destruction began, which continues to this day. Ignorance, power, and greed for money, spread out as strengthening fields. They began to destroy all the tribes, and the entire country was possessed by the aura of war. If you had to watch, with me, all the violence I have had to see, you would not survive it. No human being can endure what I have had to carry, and carry still. Many human souls have been broken by this pain. They did to me what they did to the women. They raped me. They tried to possess and steal everything from my original being, and this is now leading to their own destruction. I live under the occupation of a culture of closed hearts. A large part of the native, aboriginal population was killed. Slaves were imported and forced to do the hardest and most dehumanizing work in service of the white conquerors. Even the indigenous cultures succumbed to patriarchal power, and began to kill one another and to oppress their women. There was an endless spilling of blood that continues to this day. Now there are few knowledge-carriers remaining that know my voice, and who therefore understand how to communicate with nature-spirits and call upon my protective powers. They guard until today my peace-knowledge, undisturbed by civilization. With the help of my nature-power, the earth-guardian knowledge was preserved until today. But it is threatened. Governments continue to betray the indigenous population under the cover of “peace politics,” and follow their greed to torture and destruction. Today, the last struggle is taking place, which has effects on the whole of the earth. It is the fight for survival on this earth. The first resistance fighters and farmers laid down their weapons, and came together in small village communities, and reflected on the original power of community. They know that it is senseless to fight the ruling system with violence. But they also know that they must step entirely out of the system of corruption. They now need international voices and solidarity. They need real compassion. They call out to the strength and humanity of the international world, to no longer watch silently as war and corruption spread over the country like an plague of emotion, protected by the government under the cover of a political “peace process.” I call to you: Come with me to the foundations of truth! You need me… and I need you. Do not allow the last protected regions of mother earth to be destroyed. Open your hearts and you will hear my heart, and find there an encompassing, loving power. Together with me, remind yourself that there is a higher power. Help your brothers and sisters, some of whom are hidden in the rainforest, to stay true to their original community. Raise up your voices, so that the generations that follow you will still be able to enjoy me. Because behind all this tumult, I hold the power of love and of survival. In me you find the core power for a future to come, in which humans and nature again recognize and affirm their unity. Because whoever acknowledges me again, acknowledges the paradisaical power of a new and vital life. They recognize the paradisaical power of a new life-system. What was separated will come together in me. In me, the pain of separation will be dissolved. I guard the power of forgiveness, and can heal the wounds. Come to the protection of my arms, because I am the power that gives life to your existence, and reminds you of your divine original nature. Become the person you are, and lift your voice for truth, life, and justice, because you are needed. Ya Azim (meditation text about the archetypal power of Colombia, received and written down by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the country