Love is a political issue

Why is healing love a political issue?   Some humour comes in because in the meditation space the question is a bit funny. In this world there’s no difference between spirituality and a political statement. In this world you will see that love is a universal power. Seeing this universal power and being guided it you will discover that the current world-wide societal system is not in resonance with the universal laws of love. Love is so much more than a feeling. Love has its own logic. In particular the sexuality connected with love is so different to how humanity normally understands it. You brought these powers into a private prison and through this it was really violated. By recognising and following the laws of universal love you will of course act in a way that brings about a social order which reflects universal love. Very personal love exists. Faithfulness exists. Freedom exists. All this exists together within the laws of universal love. You will recognise every being as a universal being that is nourished by this divine power. In coming back to this reality you will help evolution to come back into a natural order within the social realm. And connected with this universal love you will become a person who makes statements. But the first step is to learn to see the order. You will learn to see the order in which no woman is suppressed, in which there can be no violence between man and woman because the power is transparent. Guidance will be given by people who have enough wisdom to support every being to unfold within their real universal power. So anchor yourself in this divine wisdom. Listen to its voice and notice that there is something you recognise. Then you will do everything your power to help your surrounding to mirror the power of universal love. You will do all that you can and be what you’re called to be to help today’s societies to heal and to be built in an order that ends war. Love is the higher power that will guide you towards compassion, towards change, towards revolution in that you guide others back towards real evolution because humanity is meant to live in a divine order. May this week be a blessed week. Ya Azim.   Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here:öve.mp3