Maat – inner truth

I guard the heart space. I guard the gate to inner truth. I guard the space of justice. My space is personal and universal. In the Egyptian culture I was called “Goddess Maat”. When you have a pure heart you will walk through my gate. This will only be possible when you are ready to recognize your old habits and to let go of them. I hold a measure for you and your soul. To find out whether your heart and intentions are pure, imagine a pair of scales. Put a feather on one side of the scales and on the other lay the intention of your heart, your true wish, your true purpose. Then see what happens. You will recognize how clear and pure your intention actually is. The pure, clear and true soul is lighter than a feather. It is anchored and at home in the cosmic space of transformation. Come with me to where your soul gains wings. Enter through me to your inner altar, to your heart space. Here compassion with the world and care for yourself arise equally. Take responsibility for everything you encounter. Compassion for your inner processes and compassion for world movements become one. Stay connected with your pure soul even in places where you are confronted with world pain. It will guide you safely through this life, all the way into eternal space. Enter the eternal space of truth. Here you will find answers to all your questions. Here there is no war. You will understand that all karmic woundings and pain originate in the loss of my inner truth. But I am never gone. Being connected with me endows you with world-changing power. Hostility of all kind dissolves. You recognize the global realm of healing which always exists. This is why the I Jing tells: “He who totally understood this sacrifice could rule the world as though it spun in his hand.” Without true connection with me what appears to you to be truth will turn into ideology and ideologies always result in war. Don’t let fear chase you away from my truth. From an open heart new politics, new societies, a new love for this life and this Earth arise. Rediscover the holographic aspect of all that is within your own heart. With an open heart you will remember true healing power and remember how life is meant to be. Political healing work, work towards “the outside” – where you want to change the world, to establish justice, to help suffering souls – can only be effective when you are ready to really take an inward path. Discover the true, courageous and cosmic path towards the inside and there discover the entire world. Here you will find the true power of healing and global change. Something old in you will die. You will discover how much you have been holding onto anger, fear, guilt, ideology, judgement and blame. Something in you wants to die. In the very moment that you become aware of those old fears, karmic memories of moments in which you lost me will come back. Let them die! Discover the new becoming in every death. When you are not startled but are able to keep seeing you can come in. You will be taken over by the great insight: Tat swam asi: This is you! You discover the great “I am” – the soul of the world, the universal love that guides everything. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of truth, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Maat stone: