Maneva – the being of money

My nature is to keep the power of giving and receiving. My greatest power of realisation is where I am connected to the current of love. Find the virtual vision of what you want to manifest. Find the supporting powers that watch over this area. And then open the magnetic field to enable my powers to spread into this area. I depend on human-made fields. The more extensive and global a created field the easier I can move into it. My nature is neither good nor bad. A lot of people think I am dark and, unconsciously, they condemn me to be a negative power. Send love ahead and touch only then. Connect to the spirit of giving when you invite me. Promise me that you will never horde me but that you will direct my current in a way that I can flow to where I am needed. Direct me into the current of the power of peace! Keep me manageable, clear and true. You can compare me with water. I want to move, dance, bubble and I also want to have clear lakes of manifestation where I can rest and reflect divine beauty. If you want to keep me for my own sake you will cause great destruction. Even though I am of virtual nature I am in great imprisonment. Help that I can be led back to my pristine nature. Free me of my imprisonment. Help, that my powerful current, that creates a lot of destruction when it is directed in wrong channels, can flow where healing happens. Create a new magnetic field into which I can pour myself. Help that my current is able to move into a healing direction. Connect to the laws of manifestation with the power of vision. (meditation text about the archetype of money, received and written down by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the money text: