Marici – ancient power of the pig

I am the ancient power of the pig. I embody the love of the physical body, and of sensual contact. In connection with me, you find the joy of direct interaction with Mother Earth. I can help you to feel Mother Earth, to smell, to root about in the earth, to feel. Together with me, you discover the Earth as sustenance, as home, as eternal Source. Many ancient cultures have respected my power, my beauty, my fertility, and my wildness. I was the messenger of the goddess, companion of god-like beings, and often worshiped as a deity myself. For the Celts I embodied the old ways, in the form the pig-goddess; in the Canaries, I was considered an intermediary with God; and Nut, the goddess of the sky, wore my face. With the arrival of the witch hunts and the persecution of women, I was declared to be an evil witch’s familiar, and was driven into a dark corner as dirty and immoderate. My destiny is closely interwoven with the destiny of repressed sexuality, of unredeemed Eros. It is very difficult today for the Marici-side of life to be acknowledged. But when it happens, you can find and experience in Marici -Power, a great big “YOU CAN,” in Eros and in sexuality. Together with me you can celebrate and discover carnal lust. You can also maintain your shyness, and continue your own path with a blush. I am one of the Sources, with whose help you can find your wished-for self acceptance. In connection with me, you can look at the whole of sexual energy, and in the heart will arise the reassurance we are longing for. However, my truth cannot be repressed. In your love relationships, you will search for truth in communication, without having to deny me. From this place, love-partners can decide for themselves, if they want to live in a monogamous relationship, or in what other way they want to live out their sexual nature. But they won’t deny me or fight against me any more. How many pigs are tormented, tortured, and slaughtered every day, because of repressed carnal desire? Whoever finds me within him- or herself, will never again be able to mistreat an animal, for in doing so you would mistreat your own ancient nature. I am the carnal desire, that reveals itself in me, for I let it work through me. Together with me, you can create a positive picture of sexuality, where flesh is no longer associated with images of violence, but instead with a truthful contact between the genders, and thus with all that lives. Women will no longer have to protect themselves from men’s desire. With mutual trust, they can surrender into the loving and protecting arms of shared sexual joy. Contact is the magic word, and no one will pursue their desire if it is not based on mutual resonance. In clear self-acceptance, you can give your Yes or your No. You will not have to do anything that you do not wish to do. Whoever no longer has to drive my ancient nature into the realms of the subconscious, will be lead to true non-violence, which is the non-violence of life itself, and which wants to manifest itself here on earth. In me, divine ancient nature seeks true manifestation in the body. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Marici, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Marici stone: