Master of Rituals

I tend to community activities and their connection with the forces of nature. I know the rhythms of nature and help the community to embed itself in them in a way that is healing. I tend to the space in which people can gather and become so conscious of their internal processes that they can express them creatively. I help in the shaping of rituals so that gratitude, joy, sadness, requests and many other processes of the soul can be expressed communally and thereby find their embedment in the higher laws of life and nature. I open up the collective channel for the perception of realms of consciousness which connect all of us. If a group awakens the power of gratitude, it becomes easier for them to stay connected to healing even in difficult situations. A higher power is called upon which goes far beyond individual sensitivities and thus can have a changing effect in the world. If a group succeeds in expressing grief over the loss of a loved one, it helps keep the channel free to the spirit forces of the universe. This also helps the soul of this person to begin his journey in freedom. I help people to step out of their attachments and narrow emotional fixations and open a gate of the soul for the breadth and depth of the universe to come in. Through the power of art, dance, music, language and silence I help to bring consciousness to the surface and to lead people into the realm of community. I help the community to have regular meetings which keep the channel for truth and transparency clear. Rituals which are oriented towards higher dimensions and which remind us of the world that created us, always help to dissolve emotional blockages and stagnation within a community. As the keeper of rituals I stand for processes which, time and again, liberate the spirit of community, solidarity and mutual support. I ensure that songs, poems and writings are created that bring the spirit of community into creative expression. These arts remind us that community is much more then the sum of its participants. Rituals elevate us to the perception of a communal, divine space that lies beyond any religious affiliation. I make sure that different cultures and faiths are honored in the elemental, sacred space of life itself, and that this space remains free of ideology and false instruction.     Ya Azim   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Master of Rituals, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Ritual stone: