Nammu – Goddess, Guardian of the Earth

I attend to the embryonic aspect of new creation under the waters. I am often symbolized as a fish. Through me a new dream of creation will be born. Silently knowledge of the new culture is being prepared and will be carried to the surface when time is ripe. More and more people will remember my original dream and will be able to read my sensual language. Some cultures will carry the sign of the fish. An era will be named after me. This will be a time in which the structures of violence and destruction have spread widely and I will rise like phoenix from the ashes. This time will see the birth of a new culture in which partnership and free love are no longer in contradiction. Ancient wisdom, suppressed for so long, will unfold its beauty on Earth and a new, sensual culture will be born. In the beginning there will be many who do not understand me and only hear the message of the divine masculine instead of the voice of wisdom, love and the goddess. Over and again they will try to distort my voice and to force a religion of suppression and power. Nevertheless even in those times the seedling of a new future will be planted. Another aspect of me will see the light of the world. My voice will be audible to many people and through them a new heaven will manifest itself on Earth. I am the vivid library of life and the source for all peace-workers on Earth. To create peace on the outside you have to find it within! That‘s why it is so important to recognize my presence. Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Nammu, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Nammu stone: