On April 6th 2018

at 5pm (MEZ) you are warmly welcome to listen to an interview with Sabine Lichtenfels at Global Dialogue Lab on the question of “What is sacred activism?”.

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Dear friends around the world,

For several months, I have been responsible for sending out the weekly Ring of Power message and I would like to remind you how you can participate in it. For the next 6 months we want to use the Ring of Power to introduce the Tamera Stone Circle with the general question: What is a Peace Community and how can we help create peace communities worldwide?

The stone circle symbolizes a peace community – there one can learn about what is needed today to build functioning communities.The power of a peace community arises from each member recognizing and accepting their own natural archetypal task and mission in the world community.

In the book “Traumsteine,” which describes the archetypal power of the prehistoric stone circle at Almendres in Portugal, Sabine Lichtenfels writes: “Every person has a certain task and authority that no-one else can replace. Therefore, it’s vitally important that everyone recognizes and finds his or her own task, because the whole depends much more on this than you imagine. When you see and accept your own authority, you will no longer allow nightmares to enter into your immediate environment, but instead will turn them into dreams of love and empathy.”

Every Monday, on the Ring of Power website, Sabine Lichtenfels will present one of the 96 archetypes of the stone circle at Tamera, which represent the complexity of a universal community both in their individuality and their interaction with the whole. The weekly question is posted on the website at the weekends. The current texts and audio recordings can also be found there.
You are warmly invited to join us!

Saskia Breithardt and the team of the Ring of Power

Ring of Power_Stone circle



The Dome, the home of Tamera’s oracle in the heart of Tamera, will be rebuilt. We welcome financial support!


For many years the dome has been the central location for the research of Sabine Lichtenfels and her team. Sabine Lichtenfels is a co-founder of the Healingbiotope I – Tamera, author, peace ambassador and initiator of the School of Female Peace Knowledge.
Together with her team she is working to develop MarIsis– a parkland for the communication with all the beings of creation. MarIsis will be a landscape with pilgrim paths, power places, water and sculpture, where the unity of human rights and Earth rights can be recognized again. The dome, as the
home for Sabine Lichtenfels’ work as an oracle and medium, serves important research questions into MarIsis and global peace work.

Oracles and the work of the women seers was integral to earlier cultures. Zeus made a winning move for Patriarchy when he stripped his wife, Hera, of her remaining authority as the guardian of the power of ‘seeing’ and the oracle. In later societies the gifts of the oracle and of ‘seeing’ were misused by corrupt powers. Even today there are numberless charlatans in the spiritual market place but it remains true that the true psychic perception is a power that will surely be developed in the cultures of the future. The medium’s ability is based on the principle of connection with universal information processes.” (from the book “Gentle Power” by S. Lichtenfels)

The building site has begun!


dom dom innen

The dome also offers a space for bodywork (Helge Purtscheller: Alexander Technique & Pilates; Juliette Baigler: Qigong) and therefore is used by many coworkers and project groups in Tamera. With all of these functions the dome is a heart piece in the center of our work and shall now be insulated and soundproofed so that it can be used throughout the year.

Examples of MarIsis research question of MarIsis for which we use the oracle:

  • How do we get into a simple, truthful contact with plants, animals, a landscape and water?
  • What, after thousands of years of exploitation, does reconciliation with farmed production animals, with pests and wild animals look like?
  • Is there, as it is said in indigenous cultures, the possibility to each fish, meat or milk products in agreement with the animals?
  • How do we create spaces and rituals when a beloved person or animal dies? Spaces that support us to ‘understand’ death and to integrate it as a part of life itself.
  • How do we accompany souls and build bridges of communication to the ‘other world’?

All these are subjects that will not be clarified through intellectual discussions. Answering these questions requires time and space so that all of their human and universal aspects can be seen, which is why we consult the oracle.

The cost of the reconstruction (sound and heat insulation) is €21.500.
(€9.000 labor; €9.000 material; €3,500 management of works, administration, infrastructure and maintenance).

Currently we still need €13.000.
The reconstruction has started in May and we are grateful for all financial support.

Your research team:

silke       katja

Silke Paulick: Leader of the “MarIsis”          Katharina Müller: Animal researcher and
project construction support for the dome


For questions and contact please email us at:

With warm greetings, in service to global healing and peace work, in service of cooperation with all that lives.

Silke Paulick und Katharina Müller

Please transfer your donation to the following bank account with the reference: MarIsis/dome.


Bank: Caixa Crédito Agrícola S. Teotónio
Account Holder: Associação para um mundo humanitário
NIB: 0045 6332 4018 1786 5584 5
IBAN: PT50 0045 6332 4018 1786 5584 5
(within the EU a so-called SEPA bank transfer does not cause extra costs)