November 14th

November 14th

A restless night with many dreams.

Early in the morning I do the Ring of Power in the inner courtyard. I usually always wake up at 4:00, so I don’t need an alarm clock. It is nice to tend the Agnihotra fire after my meditation, just before I take the pictures. This connects me with the Sacred-fire-festival staged by Matthias Walter, where daily speeches are held by different fire keepers and people all over the world keep the fires at the same time. Matthias has a new vision in his new home, Nicaragua, after having tended the Peace Tree Foundation for many years, he received the input to start your festival of the sacred fires. Now, between the 11th and 22nd of November, an online event will take place where he has managed to bring together fire keepers worldwide. At the following link you can find more information and access to many different speeches of firekeepers from all over the world.

Although I cannot participate in all the events online, I feel very connected and tend the fires as often as I can.

Otherwise, the day is for unwinding, watching the cabbages. Writing, processing emails, and a walk around town to look for small gifts.

My mind is sensitive – I need to anchor myself strongly in the eternity vibration.